The Pizza Academy wants to make pizza in the Netherlands tastier, healthier and more accessible. Not only within the Dutch hospitality industry or catering, but also in the retail channel, the pizza product can receive the same 'upgrade' as coffee, fries or burgers have gone through in recent years. This creates a greater choice in taste (experience) and nutritional value for the consumer and an even more commercially interesting product for professionals. It also gives pizzaiolo's profession more appreciation and stature, which is important for the recruitment of new professionals. Improving quality also contributes to nutritional value, which can boost pizza's bad reputation in this area.

The Pizza Academy is affiliated with the Good in food academy in Italy. With 200 pizza instructors, we are committed to a healthy future for the pizza industry. The Pizza Academy is the first SVH branch recognized pizza trainer in the Netherlands.

Since its founding in 2015, hundreds of students have learned to bake pizza, often without any experience. Many of them learned their trade at the Pizza Academy (with or without an internship) and many then started their own pizzeria or started working as a professional pizza baker.


Our services

The Pizza Academy provides pizza courses, among other things. In addition, we support pizzerias in the realization of their plans, such as work organization, flour selection, dough recipe and innovation processes. We are increasingly also making customized products for pizzerias, such as dough, pizza balls, pre-baked products and the like.


The courses are provided by pizzaioli with years of experience, often of Italian descent. An exception to this is Marcel (Mars) Losekoot. He is the founder and since 2012 the only pizza instructor of Dutch descent, trained in Italy. His passion lies in the development of healthy and tasty pizza crusts and innovation. He also gives the theory lessons.

During the Horecava, his pizza crusts won “the healthiest pizza in the Netherlands” in 2015, the “tastiest pizza” in 2016. That healthy crust was also the basis for winning the NK pizza baking. Before 2010 he was (in addition to being a pizza lover) for years director of Business Development and innovator in the business world. Now he helps others to become successful in the pizza industry. He helped start LaLotta pizzerias, LouLou pizza bar and many other pizzerias, among others. It is his great passion to take pizza bakers in the Netherlands to a higher level and thus restore the originally tasty and nutritious pizza.


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