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From pizza recipe to concept

Marcel knows the traps and traps of pizza concepts for entrepreneurs in the catering, retail or (pizza) bakery industry. He has run his own pizzerias for years and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs with their pizza concept in recent years. Marcel likes to spar with you about:

  • developing your own pizza recipes with which you bake the pizza that suits your target group;

  • the figures of a successful pizza concept so that you know what you should and can manage;

  • branding for your pizza concept so that yourbusiness running like a well oiled machine;

  • the latest pizza trends and how to respond to them.

Pizza concept development

Your investment: € 550 (excluding VAT)


Beforehand, Marcel goes through your pizza concept and you discuss the target group for which you will be baking pizzas. You look at the equipment you need and whether or not you will deliver. 

Marcel then develops a unique recipe together with you that completely fits the needs of your customer or guest. You will taste this recipe extensively. 

Then you discuss the numbers - so that you know where to send and how - the ideal pizza card and he answers your questions.

Marcel does this from his background as an innovator and new business developer. In addition, he has extensive experience in setting up companies for others, but also for himself. He achieved great successes, but also experienced deep valleys.


As a result, he knows better than anyone what the pitfalls and traps are for the successful launch of a new concept.

He is happy to share this valuable knowledge and (life) experience with you. Would you like a concrete proposal for your pizza concept?

Then make an appointment for a morning or afternoon brainstorming session and discuss your business case with Marcel.

Marcel Losekoot_de Pizza Academy
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