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Pizzaiolo MASTER

Is only the basic knowledge of a (assistant) pizza baker not enough for you? Do you want to go all the way with the aim of baking pizzas independently? And also learn all the ins and outs of the pizza business? Then you choose the pizzaiolo master.

You will learn all the secrets of baking a healthy, easily digestible pizza.

You can also take an official exam and then complete the training with the industry-recognised Pizzaiolo SVH-diploma and a Master's diploma from the Pizza Academy. No experience is necessary. This is our most chosen training for professionals who want to become master pizza chefs!

What are you learning?



Making a classic pizza dough

kneading technique

Recipes and calculation

Rolling up the dough

Opening the pizza base and investing it

Using a pizza shovel

Baking in a professional pizza oven

Preparing tasty sauces and toppings

Working with various flours

Making biga & poolish dough (indirect method)

Sourdough (semi-direct method)

Pizza tasting test

Prebake, preparing large group

Making plate pizza

Prepare focaccia

How to Make Pinsa Romana (High Hydration Pizza)

The background and development of the pizza

Wheat and flour types used

Recipes and processes

Fermentation and maturing of dough

Determination of water temperature

How the equipment works

pizzeria business case

Trends in developments

Improving flours


Measuring Instruments and Rheology

Mozzarella and tomato

Maillard reaction and chemical processes

Practical skills assistant cook, such as preparation and cutting techniques

Mise-en-place and mastic

Role play on how to receive a guest

HACCP in practice

Your result:
  • You know all about a highly hydrated dough, the technique that makes pizza a healthy and delicious dish. 

  • You have mastered all the basic techniques and you know how to bake easily digestible and low-carbohydrate pizzas yourself with highly hydrated dough.

  • You will learn all the techniques in practice during 6 practical days in our pizzeria in de Bilt. 

  • You can process a lot of orders during rush hour because you know the techniques of prebaking.

  • You know how to introduce a pizza concept in your business or start a new business.

  • You will have access to the online Profs Masterclass in which Marcel will take you through the trends and developments of the next 5 years.

What is your investment?

You pay 1995 euros (VAT-free for private individuals).

Your time investment:

  • 6 practical course days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday).

  • 4 x theory (online) on Tuesday evening or Thursday evening.

  • Self-study SVH catering talent online: 12 hours.

  • Extra option SVH 1 exam day + evening (at 350 euros).

Want to know more? Click here for the course dates.

Parking is FREE at our training location in De Bilt.

We are also easily accessible by public transport.

Leer professioneel pizza's maken met de SVH-erkende opleidingen van de Pizza Academy

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