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Pinsa is not pizza! It is a unique product. Top-quality flour and high hydration are the characteristics that make Pinsa Romana a special and innovative product. Its taste, smell and crispiness will make you and your customers love it from the first bite.  During this 1-day course, you will discover all the processes and professional techniques to make the original Pinsa Romana.

Pizza Academy's instructors are highly experienced in making pinsa. Pizza Academy has been a Pinsa school recognised by Maestro Corrado diMarco of Rome since 2013.

What are you learning?

pinsa techniques


Making a pinsa dough

Bulging techniques, stretch and fold 

Recipes and calculation

Working with wet dough

Opening / inserting the pinsa

Using a pizza peel at pinsa

Prebaking and baking 

Preparing pinsa with tasty sauces and toppings

Preparing and eating your own pinsa

The background and development of the pinsa

Types of wheat and flour used

Recipes and processes

Cold fermentation and dough ripening

Various pinsa products (sharing, meals, street food)

 Required equipment

Your result:
  • You are able to bake the tastiest and healthiest pinsa independently.

  • You know all about pinsa dough.

  • You have mastered the techniques of bulging (by hand), sticking and topping a pinsa dough.

  • You can handle many orders during rush hour because you know the techniques of pre-baking.

What is your investment?

You pay €445 (VAT-free for individuals). 

Your time investment:


  • Online theory module with videos and recipes  

  • 1 practical course day from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. 

  • Cost: € 445

Want to know more? Click here for course dates.


Parking is FREE at our training location in De Bilt.

We are also easily accessible by public transport.

Di Marco instructeur Pizza Academy pizzabakker

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