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Online BASIC

Discover the perfect pizza with our online course with hands-on opportunities.

Become a real pizza baker and learn the secret Italian recipe behind the classic pizza. Combine our online module with practical workshops for targeted questions and receive €25 discount. After purchasing the online course, you have one year to redeem your practical workshop discount. 

Watch the video to find out more and reveal your pizza talent with Italian flair!"

What are you learning?

pizza techniques


Making a classic pizza dough

Kneading technique

Recipes and calculation

Balling up the dough

Opening the pizza base and topping it

Using a pizza peel

Baking in a professional pizza oven

Preparing tasty sauces and toppings

Working with various types of flour

The background and development of the pizza

Types of wheat and flour used

Recipes and processes

Fermentation and ripening of dough

Determination of the water temperature


Your result:
  • You know how to bake the best pizza.

  • You know all about a classic pizza dough.

  • You know the basic theory to make a good dough and pizza.

What is your investment?

You pay €159* (VAT-free for individuals).

Your investment.​

  • Self-study

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