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Discover the pizzaiolo in you

Salve! Welcome to the pizza developers

Every day I work enthusiastically and con amore on my ultimate mission: to put tasty and healthy pizzas on the menu in the Netherlands.


I do this by sharing my professional knowledge and passion with everyone who is into pizza. Whether you are a baking fanatic, pizza fan, student or catering professional, everyone is benvenuto at the Pizza Academy.

The offer of my pizza school varies from learning the basics of the pizza profession to giving business advice, developing recipes and thinking along about your pizza concept.


Besides serious, healthy and nutritious food, pizza is also fun! So do you fancy a relaxed pizza baking (and eating) workshop with your colleagues, friends or family? I also like to take care of that because: pizza brings people together.

Voor wie is de Pizza Academy?

Voor wie is de Pizza Academy?

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Make your choice from our services below:


Pizza Academy_pizza profs_deeg maken_studenten
Discover the pizzaiolo in you!

Are you an avid pizza fan or as a catering professional extremely interested in what you can do with pizza in your catering company?

Get acquainted with the basic techniques or immediately move on to an SVH-recognized diploma as a pizzaiolo master. Spark your passion for pizza baking today!


workshop pizzabakker in 1 dag
A delicious experience

'Heel Holland bakt'… healthy and tasty pizzas!  The authentic Italian pizza is hot. Just like preparing the dough and toppings yourself. Making and eating healthy, easily digestible pizzas is FUN.

Do you want to discover the pizzaiolo in you as a non-professional? Then the workshop Pizza baker in 1 day is really something for you. Or book our Pizza 4fun workshop with your family, friends, neighbours. This is the group outing in an Italian atmosphere with dinner or lunch.


Pizza Academy_pizza profs_Marcel Losekoot_consultancy
Share knowledge

Sharing knowledge about pizza and about entrepreneurship. Marcel Losekoot does not turn his pizza shovel - so to speak - for that too.

For developing your own pizza recipes, branding for your pizza concept and to gain inspiration about the latest pizza trends, this pizzaiolo master is happy to spar with you! Read here what Marcel can do for you in the field of consultancy.

Ons aanbod
Onze missie
Marcel Losekoot en Salvatore_Pizza Academy

Our mission

Marcel Losekoot and his team from the Pizza Academy are passionate about their ultimate mission every day:

  Let as many people as possible enjoy tasty and healthy pizzas.

  To increase the quality of pizza in the Netherlands and improve its image.

They do this full of craftsmanship, passion and con amore for the authentic Italian pizza.

Read more about who we are and what we do here.


" The Le Pristine team is inspired by the Pizza Academy.

As a result, we now have a fantastic product on the menu. "

Sergio Herman, star chef

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