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Gourmet pizza bases

If you are looking for gourmet pizza as a hospitality professional, you are benvenuto at the Pizza Academy. For us, craftsmanship and sincere attention to food are the ingredients with which you return the pizza to gastronomic values, such as nutritious, healthy, tasty and surprising. At the Pizza Academy we have one mission: to put healthy and tasty pizzas on the map in the Netherlands. We do this by training pizza bakers and developing customized pizza bases together with restaurateurs.​

The Pizza Academy launches a new pizza concept "Pinsana"

Pinsana is a new concept from the Pizza Academy. With this, you as a catering entrepreneur can easily serve gourmet pizzas without having to be an accomplished pizza baker and having to make large investments. We deliver a gourmet pizza to which you only have to give a finishing touch. Nice and easy peasy! Pinsana is the answer to consumer demand for healthy, high-quality pizzas and bites.

Do you want to know if pizza fits on your menu
or in your product range?

De Pizza Academy_heerlijke versbereide pizza's leren maken

Sign up for the FREE Pizza Tasting . This is the best option if you don't yet know which pizza suits your guest or consumer. You will find out which pizza fits best within your concept and how you can sell it.

Pizza Academy

Request our free sample package via the link below. This is a good option if you already know that you will be offering pizzas and tasty toppings have no more secrets for you. 

Read here what top chefs say about us!
Satisfied customers, that is our goal, we are happy with their reviews

" The Le Pristine team is inspired by the Pizza Academy.

As a result, we now have a fantastic product on the menu. "

Sergio Herman, star chef

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